We are an upper Midwest company and around here normal sized people are in the 200 lb. range - this is a performance kayak for larger kayakers. Paddles very efficiently even when loaded up to 325 - 350 lbs. The Q500X blends speed and stability with style and comfort.

The Q500X is truly the one kayak you should choose when you are carrying your complete life-support system with you in changing environmental conditions.

Designer's Comments

"I designed the Q500X for paddling long distances with large loads. Paddlers who travel long distances place a high priority on comfort and a forgiving boat that does not have them constantly battling to keep the boat on course and upright. The Q500X has a gentle forgiving nature that allows you to focus and seeing the scenery, the wildlife and on enjoying the peace on the water. Although designed for novice to intermediate paddlers, the Q500X has earned a lot of respect from skilled paddlers who appreciate its speed and seaworthiness." - John Winters

Dimensions & Design

Length: 16' 10"
Width: 23"
Depth: 14.5"
 Length: 30"
 Width: 16"
Bow Hatch:
 Length: 16.5"
 Width: 9"
Stern Hatch:
 Length: 19.5"
 Width: 12"
Form: Swede
Hull: Shallow arch with a vee
Chine: Soft