With this kayak you can expect just about everything! It truly is the most versatile kayak we, or anyone else for that matter, makes. It performs well for kayakers from 120 to 200 lbs. and it is the easiest paddling kayak we make up to 4.5 knots, and that's cruising.

It really doesn't matter what your kayaking objectives are, you can do them all and do them all well in the Q400X. Regardless of your level of experience you will find the Q400X a fast, fun and well behaved craft in all conditions. A real sweetie!

Q400x Color shown is no longer available.
Q400x Side

Designer's Comments

"Before starting the design of any kayak I like to get a mental image of the person in my mind because I prefer to 'fit the kayak to the paddler' and do not expect the paddler to 'fit the kayak.' For the Q400X I had a good, but not fanatical paddler in mind, a person who enjoys kayaking but doesn't feel any compulsion to prove themselves with paddling gymnastics or constantly paddling at the outer limits of their abilities. In short, a paddler who places a greater value in their experience on the water than their experience in the kayak. Most paddlers don't have the time to learn advanced skills until they come instinctive (the only kind of skills that even work part of the time) and the 'best' kayak for this kind of paddler forgives minor lapses in attention and doesn't force the paddler to fit the kayak. The Q400X fits this need by providing good stability even at high angles of heel, superb directional staability and a forgiving nature in confused seas. Its long waterline gives it a good turn of speed that will help you cover a lot of water on those trips where you have limited time to reach and return from your destination." - John Winters

Dimensions & Design

Length: 15' 3"
Width: 24"
Depth: 14.5"
 Length: 30"
 Width: 16"
Bow Hatch:
 Length: 16"
 Width: 8.5"
Stern Hatch:
 Length: 19.5"
 Width: 11"
Form: Swede
Hull: Shallow arch with a vee
Chine: Soft