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The Freedom is a fitness kayakers dream. Using our race proven, Stratus hull, we raised the bar with a re-designed deck that is all about speed! The Freedom’s deck height is low bow-to-stern to evade winds. We’ve sculpted recesses into the fore deck providing ample hand clearance for the high angle paddling stroke this boat deserves. The Freedom has a large, open cockpit to allow paddlers a choice between elevated knees, common to K1, or traditional leg positioning. The Freedom is available exclusively in a Kevlar™ Ultra-light construction, outfitted with a SmartTrack rudder system and fore/aft adjustable seat required for proper trim.

Maximum Load: 350 lbs.
Aramid - 33 lbs. / MSRP $3,499 USD

Made in the USA
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Overall Length: 18' 0" (548.64cm)
Width: 21.75" (55.245cm)
Depth: 11.00" (27.94cm)

Cockpit Size:
 Length: 36.00" (91.44cm)
 Width: 16.50" (41.91cm)

Swede Form: Widest behind the cockpit, Swede form has a cleaner, longer, and more slender entry, giving efficient touring speeds and maneuverability. In shorter lengths these kayaks are very responsive. Longer kayaks with this feature have amazing acceleration and track well. Because of the narrow bow they may punch through a steep wave, rather than ride over it.
Hull Form
Soft Chine: A smooth transition from the bottom of the hull to the sides. Soft chines give smooth edging at unlimited angles. The majority of kayaks that we build have a soft chine.

Shallow V: The “V” shape improves tracking, has a lively feel and delivers very comfortable stability.

Hull Shape
K-1 Style Cockpit: No description.

Category: Specialty Kayaks
  • Designed for highly specific uses, these designs are less versatile but are ideal for paddlers with specialized needs.

Paddler Size: M-XXL
Paddler Size
Freedom Colors

Freedom - Aramid 33 lbs. - $3,499

You'll notice the lightness of our Aramid kayaks the first time you pick one up. You'll also appreciate its easy lift on and off the car and its intimate responsiveness on the water. Aramid is an optional layup for our Performance Touring models.

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Standard Options

  • Composite Seam