Transitional Kayaks

Transitional kayaks bridge the gap between the recreational and touring categories, combining the best elements from both. Like recreational designs, they are short and somewhat wide. They favor stability on calm waters and easy turning over speed. And while their cockpits are a bit smaller than recreational cockpits, they are still quite roomy for easy access. Like our touring models, they have an upturned bow to help cut through and deflect waves should rough conditions arise. They also include thigh braces for more efficient paddling and control.

Vision 120 SP

The Vision 120SP is the perfect kayak for smaller paddlers who place a premium on weight and safety. This fun paddling 12' boat weighs in at a jaw dropping 32 lbs making the Vision 120SP super easy to car-top and portage to the water’s edge.

Length: 12' 0"
Width: 23.00"

Vision 130 with Skeg

If you're looking for a small sized transitional kayak, the composite Vision 130 is the boat for you. A bit more nimble than the 14' and 15' models, it has a unique handling and confidence inspiring feel.

Length: 13' 0"
Width: 24.00"

Vision 135 R

The Vision 135 roto offers the same great qualities, details, and outfitting of all our Vision models, in a short and manageable rotomolded kayak.

Length: 13' 6"
Width: 24.00"

Vision 140 with Skeg

This nimble 14’ kayak is perfect for day trips and overnight adventures.

Length: 14' 0"
Width: 24.00"


Re-designed in recent years, we updated this old favorite with a modernized deck profile, keyhole cockpit, and recessed deck fittings.

Length: 14' 6"
Width: 24.00"

Vision 150 R

The Vision 150 roto is a great option for those looking for a bigger transitional kayak, with the advantages of rotomolded construction. Heavy duty and able to take a beating, this boat will hold its own in high winds or waves.

Length: 15' 0"
Width: 24.00"

Double Vision

Like the entire Vision family, the Double Vision shares all the design, function, and performance of the solo Visions in a kayak for two. Offering high levels of stability and tracking, this boat will provide hours of paddling fun for the whole family.

Length: 16' 8"
Width: 28.00"

Double Vision R

The Double Vision roto is a great paddling rotomolded tandem at an exceptional price. Mimicking our most popular composite tandem in size, this kayak is sure to please kids and adults of any skill level.

Length: 16' 8"
Width: 28.00"