British Touring

Developed to conquer high-winds and confused seas, British style kayaks are a moderate form of performance touring kayak. All British style kayaks feature back-bands, which make them good for lay backs, and a skeg, which aids in tracking in wind and waves. Some British style kayaks favor more experienced paddlers.


The Willow is designed for the smaller, lighter paddlers who want a quick, responsive kayak with an extra degree of stability.

Length: 15' 6"
Width: 22.00"


The Squamish is a sporty boat that answers the call for a smaller rotomolded kayak that excels in touring performance.

Length: 15' 8"
Width: 23.00"


This magnificent handling sea kayak is true to its British-design roots with modest rocker for maneuverability and superior performance in open sea conditions.

Length: 16' 9"
Width: 22.00"


An iconic design in the world of sea kayaking, the Gulfstream was created by world famous designer Derek Hutchinson

Length: 16' 10"
Width: 23.75"


The Sirocco is the rotomolded version of our popular Gulfstream. This kayak appeals to a broad market of paddlers who crave performance yet want a boat that is user friendly.

Length: 16' 10"
Width: 23.00"


The Infinity is a large expedition sea kayak for British design aficionados.

Length: 17' 9"
Width: 22.00"